Perch & Pike revives South Stoke angling competition


The Perch & Pike in South Stoke has revived a village tradition, the Perch & Pike Cup, for local anglers.  The competition challenges fishermen to catch the fish species after which the pub is named, with trophies for the biggest perch, biggest pike and biggest combined weight of both fish.  The challenge takes place on Sunday 21 December.

Alex Koniotes, licensee of the Brakspear pub, said, “The Perch & Pike Cup was popular until about 30 years ago, when it died out. Angling is still popular here so we thought it would be fun to reinstate the competition. We’ve bought the cups for the winners and we’ll be putting on a bit of a spread on the day; after hours sitting on the banks of the Thames, competitors are going to need something warming!”

He added, “We’re the only Perch & Pike pub in the country, so when we discovered there was a competition sharing our name, it was something we had to get involved in. It should be a good event for the anglers and for everyone who joins us in the pub afterwards to celebrate.”

The competition is run by South Stoke Angling Club and is open to non-members. To enter, or for more detail, contact Paul Stevens on 07917 863289

Twitter: @BrakspearPubs


Above image shows the licensees of the Perch & Pike (l-r) Alex & Kim Koniotes, Christopher Pool