Walk this way – with the new Brakspear app!

We’ve launched a new app that’s perfect for those who like to really earn their pint, or wish to walk off a delicious meal. With GPS routing for over 200 circular walks from over 70 pubs across the south of England, guests won’t have to go far to find a meal and a meander near them.

Each walk is summarised in the app, so users can quickly see, the distance, the estimated time required and a brief overview of the route and type of terrain. The new app also acts as a handy pocket guide, clearly marking pubs based on guests’ preferences and facilities.  With such variety, there’s a pub and a walk for everyone; whether customers are looking for child or dog-friendly venues, a place to watch the latest sports game, or a lush outdoor space to continue soaking in the stunning local scenery. Visitors to the area won’t have to worry about getting home after their adventure, as lots of Brakspear pubs also offer accommodation on site.

With the well-publicised link between mental wellbeing, exercise, the outdoors, and socialising with friends, Brakspear’s new app manages to tie everything together to promote mental and physical health. Over the pandemic many people found their love for the outdoors and exploring the beauty their local area has to offer, so the app is the perfect reminder for those that have let their activity fall since the end of the last lockdown.

To download this free app go to www.brakspear.co.uk/app