Why Brakspear?

We’re continually striving to raise the bar at Brakspear. That’s our mission as there’s always room to improve. It’s applied to everything we do, no matter how big or small. Pubs are our passion, we take pride and want to exceed expectations.

We work with people and opportunities not buildings and numbers. We’re proud to admit we know the first names of all the Business Owners in our pubs. We think that’s important to make sure everyone feels part of the family. We look at the infrastructure of the buildings and work with our tenants to present the best place our pubs can be. If we get this right, we’re confident our pubs will be successful.

We’re family-run with family values. With over 200 years of experience, 120 pubs including 9 managed houses, we’re a friendly bunch and enjoy working with our Business Owners to create amazing pubs. Maybe that’s why we are award-winning – we won The Publican’s Best Tenanted Pub Company (under 200 sites) in 2014 to namedrop one of our awards.

Based mainly in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, The Cotswolds, London and Brighton, we have a range of community, food-led pubs worth making the effort to get to, country village locals, and even a handful of bars for you to choose from. Our pubs aren’t about being the same, it’s about creating the right offer in each pub. With beautiful pubs to choose from, with a large chunk of them being listed showing their historical importance. We don’t have new-build pubs but we do look to futureproof our pubs where we can if there’s room for extending them. We view working with our Business Owners as a partnership – an open, honest and transparent relationship.

In 2014, we were crowned the best pub company (for tenanted and leased under 200 sites) at the Publican Morning Advertiser awards.  Since then we’ve been building on this to continually improve the support for our tenanted and leased pubs.  We want you to run your pub to the best of your ability and we’re here to help:

1. A different class – All our pubs are completely different – and we have some of the most picturesque pubs around.

2. The right pub for you – Our dedicated recruitment manager strives to find the right pub for you.

3. Flexible thinking – We offer flexibility in our agreements, and our credit control too.

4. A friendly face – Our experienced business development managers only have 40 pubs to look after, on average.

5. Award-winning ales – With over 300 years brewing expertise, our ales are world-famous.

6. Pub makeovers – Our dedicated and free interior design team, Stephanie and Laura, can advise and assist to improve your pub.

7. Marketing support –Our marketing manager is available to help you with your marketing plans, as well as offer free Brakspear promotions to drive footfall and sales.

8. Maintaining standards – Our property team are available for reactive and proactive building maintenance.

9. Tailored training – Free training courses to help improve your profitability.

10. Part of the family – You’re part of the Brakspear family – we’re a close-knit team at head office with only 25 of us currently, and we’re looking forward to getting to know you.

So if you like what you’re read and want to find out more, get in touch with Amanda.

I’ve never run a pub before, can I still apply? Yes, definitely. We will suggest you complete a comprehensive training course on how to run a pub which includes your Personal Licence and Cellar Management.

I’ve found a pub I like, should I visit it before getting in touch? We encourage all applicants to visit the pub they are interested in as a customer in the first instance. A full viewing will be arranged after that.

What happens after I’ve contacted Amanda? Amanda will arrange to meet up either at the pub you like or at our Head Office in Henley-on-Thames. At this meeting you will be provided further info on the pub and you’ll be introduced to Brakspear. You’ll also be asked a few questions about yourself and your background so we can get to know you better.

What if I just want some more information about Brakspear and haven’t found a pub? Make contact with Amanda, she is happy to meet and chat through working with Brakspear. She will help you to find the right pub for you.

What agreements are available? The majority of the Brakspear estate are tenancies with some leases and a small number of managed houses. With some of our larger tenancies, we can offer agreements whereby the rent is a percentage of the turnover.

Where are the Brakspear pubs? The majority are in the home counties, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and London as well as Brighton and the South coast.

I haven’t done my Personal Licence, can I still progress an application? Amanda will still progress your application and advise you about the Personal Licence, you will have to have taken and passed the course and ideally completed your CRB checks before becoming a tenant. This can now be completed online through a variety of providers.

Is there a full wet tie? Our ideal situation is a full wet tie but you can decide to go free of tie on spirits and minerals for an annual fee. Amanda can supply the details.

What are in-goings? Amanda will provide you with a full breakdown for the pub you are applying for but in essence, the in-goings represent a security deposit, training contribution, two weeks rent in advance, the fixtures and fittings of the business, two weeks advance for the service charge, some working capital and an administration charge made by the local council to show you at the designated premises supervisor. With a tenancy, there is no premium for the value of the business.

I haven’t got the full in-goings, can I progress an application? Yes, you can. We can sometimes offer a fixtures and fittings payback scheme for the right applicants.

I have a poor credit rating, will this affect my application? A credit check is done just before an offer letter is issued, you will need to be upfront with us and explain the circumstances, as long as the issue has been settled we should be able to progress your application.

Do I have to do a business plan? Yes you do. The template is available to download (see the red buttons on the left).

Who values the fixtures & fittings? You should engage an independent valuer, Amanda will provide a list of preferred valuers, although if you already have one it’s fine to use them as long as they are fully accredited.

What income can I expect from running my own pub? With a tenancy your income would be the net profit of your business. We will supply a shadow profit and loss account for the pub you are looking at which will give you an understanding of the income achievable.