Brakspear Mild

Brakspear Mild - 3.0%

That’s right, Brakspear Mild is being brewed back in Henley again! Availble from the Bell St Brewery, this dark brown ale has a reddy tinge and malty chocolate taste with a hint of caramel from using three different coloured malts; Crystal, Amber and Chocolate. Mild is a 3% ABV ale which is brewed using Minstrel hops for a delicate bitterness.

Brakspear Mild is available February & March 2016 from the Bell St Brewery.

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    Cyclops Tasting Notes for Brakspear Mild
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    Brakspear Mild is brewed at the Bell Street Brewery which sits within the Bull on Bell Street public house 57-59 Bell Street at the back of the building. In January 2013 Brakspear gave 57–59 Bell Street a major makeover and on 29th March 2013, the Bull on Bell Street was revealed alongside the Bell Street Brewery. After a few trial runs, the Bull on Bell Street began selling the first brew on the 11th May 2013 and Brakspear beers were back being brewed in Henley after the brewery on New Street closed in 2002, moving to the Wychwood Brewery in Witney, West Oxfordshire.

    The Bell Street Brewery is situated only 3 doors up from where William Henry Brakspear originally started brewing Brakspear in the garden of 65 Bell Street back in 1711 before the brewery moved to New Street in 1812. The Bell Street Brewery building itself is one of Henley’s oldest, dating back some 700 years, and we like to think it has a modern look whilst making the most of its character.