Tenant Testimonials

Richard Osborne

John Barleycorn, Goring on Thames

Brakspear pub tenant since 2021

When I began looking around for a pub tenancy, I scoured the available sites and application resources of every pub company in the South East - that amounted to over a dozen pub-cos and well over 100 pubs! Not only did Brakspear have a selection of pubs in a fantastic area of the country but the supporting documentation, in particular the template business plan, was second to none.

Amanda, who helped guide me through the recruitment process, was very supportive of my application, and Brakspear as a whole encourage new entrants such as myself into the industry as well as more experienced hands.

Access was given to the John Barleycorn building as and when I needed it so that I could put together a comprehensive business plan, and bounce ideas off Amanda as well as Gerard who became my business development manager.

I was kept informed as to how the process worked included next steps and dates for making final decisions. It was great too to meet with the CEO Tom Davies for my final presentation to share my plans for the pub as well as understanding his vision for the company and the future.

Once I had signed the agreement, I was able to meet all the additional key people within the business that I would be dealing with regularly, such as Emma who leads marketing and Kelly who heads up finance.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Brakspear to any prospective tenant. As a historic family brewer, they are the perfect size to be fully responsive and supportive to a tenant as well as having years of experience between the team.

Richard Osborne

James Potter

Quayside, Whitstable

Brakspear pub tenant since 2020

We feel like part of the family. There’s always someone on hand to guide us in the right direction, like Emma for marketing assistance or business development support from Stuart. Brakspear have helped us maximise opportunities for key local events too like the Whitstable Oyster Festival so it feels like Brakspear understand our pub and support is tailored.

James Potter

David Thompson

Belgian Arms, Holyport

Brakspear pub tenant since 2017

“From the introduction meeting with Amanda and the process up until change over day to the present we have been working alongside Breakspear to make the Belgian Arms as successful as it potentially could be with help from their marketing team, interior designers and regular training courses made available to help develop the Belgian Arms team

Previous to becoming tenant at The Belgian Arms I researched other potential businesses to work with. I made the decision to start my journey with Brakspear because of the communication and commitment they had with me from the beginning and their continued support."

David Thompson

Dan Wright

The Joker, Brighton

Brakspear pub tenant since 2015

"Being a Brakspear tenant is a perfect match for us. You are able to develop your business with guidance and support from experienced area management. In addition you gain the back up of a pub company who help you to develop your pub and aid its growth. Brakspear's company set up makes you feel part of the family".

Dan Wright