Charity begins… at the pub!

Brakspear are delighted to announce we’re setting up our very own charity. It’s something we’ve been working on for a while and we’ll have two main areas of focus:

  1. Advance and support the conservation and population of Britain’s bees
  2. Improve the health of those patrons who frequent and enjoy our pubs, the local communities surrounding our pubs and the good folk working in our pubs.

So why these two areas? Well we’re glad you’ve asked. The Brakspear logo has always had a bee in it since brewing of our beer began in Henley-on-Thames back in 1779. It’s all to do with Nicholas Breakspear (yes with an extra E, we lost the second E over the years though no one is quite sure why…) when he was the only ever English Pope. It was a while ago too; from 1154 until his death in 1159. Known as Pope Adrian IV, his papal symbol was a bee. With that in mind, we’ve always been big bee fans and now more than ever, it’s vital we do as much as we can to support and nurture our bee population.

We’ve kicked things off by installing some hives in a few of our pubs. Currently, you can find them in:

This is just the start of our bee plans and we’ll share more news as we have it.

Now onto the people side of things. No less important than the bees either. We know our pubs are nothing without people and that includes the people working in them and the folk drinking in them. Therefore the Brakspear Charitable Foundation will be donating money to good causes to directly improve the health of these citizens.

We’re still in the process of setting up our Charitable Foundation as there is a lot of paperwork it turns out but rest-assured there are exciting things to come. We have our board of trustees who are made up of Brakspear employees as well as landlords and landladies of our pubs. It will be these generous folk who are giving up their time to meet to discuss how we’ll be fundraising and where this money will be going.

So as the old saying goes, watch this space.