Brakspear Oh Bee Joyful

Enjoy Brakspear's Oh Bee Joyful in December. Guaranteed to get you feeling festive, or at least make you feel better after the Christmas shopping, this rich fruity spiced ale is dark and complex with a warming finish.

Brakspear Gravity

Brewed in Oxfordshire, using the famous Henley ‘ double-drop ’ fermentation system in Victorian copper fermentation vessels from the orignal Henley brewery. This amber ale has a crystal malt and a well hopped bitterness in taste, which transforms into a bitter-sweet and fruity finish with a good fruit, hop and malt nose. A superb session beer which is ideal with foods such as fine English cheeses, Ploughman's, and fish and chips.

Brakspear Oxford Gold

Oxford Gold has a citrusy flavour with a fresh and zesty fruity finish. This pale ale has a gold, glittery glisten with crystal malts to enhance the body of the beer. The fresh aroma is contributed by a selective blend of Fuggles, Goldings and Styrian hops. Oxford Gold is the perfect accompaniment for fish, chicken and salad dishes.

Brakspear Special

Brakspear Special is available from the Bell Street Brewery all year round. Up to four barrels a week will be brewed, which equates to over 1,100 pints. This beer has been brewed by Brakspear for over 40 years, and we're following the original recipe. A truly classic English beer that’s golden red in colour with a well balanced aroma and a hint of sweetness. Full bodied, the initial sweetness gives way to a dry hop bitterness.

Brakspear Mild

That’s right, Brakspear Mild is being brewed back in Henley again! Availble from the Bell St Brewery, this dark brown ale has a reddy tinge and malty chocolate taste with a hint of caramel from using three different coloured malts; Crystal, Amber and Chocolate. Mild is a 3% ABV ale which is brewed using Minstrel hops for a delicate bitterness.

Brakspear Mild is available February & March 2016 from the Bell St Brewery.

Brakspear Old Ale

Brakspear Old is back being brewed in Henley again! After being asked by a CAMRA member at the Great British Beer Festival in August 2014, would we ever brew Brakspear old again, we though why the heck not. It's a 4.3% ABV ale brewed with pale Maris Otter, Crystal and Black malts and Fuggles, Pilgrim and Styrian Goldings hops. It is amber brown in colour and has a rich, caramel taste. Ok, it's no secret, it's Brakspear Special with caramel in it, and it's darn tasty.

May 2019 – Brakspear Honey Bee

Making a welcome return for 2018, we’re working with the Friends of the Earth’s Great British Bee Count again and donating 10p to their Bee Cause for every pint sold. This light, golden beer has delicately subtle honey notes and a bracing delivery of hops.

July 2019 – Brakspear Hooray Henley

Hooray Henley is available in July to celebrate Henley Royal Regatta. Celebrating all that is good about Henley on Thames, a fine way to toast the famous Regatta too. This gloriously zesty blonde beer releases tangy citrus and grapefruit overtones. Light straw in colour with a vibrant citrus hop aroma.

Brakspear Brewing

Since 2002, much of the original brewing plant was moved to the Wychwood brewery in Witney, West Oxfordshire (owned by Marstons). Following a major refurbishment of the Wychwood brewery Brakspear Bitter is still handcrafted in the original copper and the famous Henley ‘Double-Drop’ fermentation system.

In May 2013, we re-established our brewing roots in Henley, opening the Bell Street Brewery. We spend our time brewing classic Brakspear ales like Brakspear Special (brewed all year round), Brakspear Mild and Brakspear Old, whilst trying some new beers like Honey Bee, supporting Friends of the Earth and Blooming Marvellous, supporting Henley in Bloom. We encourage people to drink beer to support their local community. Everyone’s a winner!

Cask Choice

The current range of Brakspear Beers includes the famous ‘Double-Dropped’ Brakspear Gravity (the ale formerly known as Brakspear Bitter) and Brakspear Oxford Gold blonde beer.

But we don’t just sell Brakspear beer. We like to promote variation in real ales, therefore we have offer a wide selection of cask ales available all year as well as a great seasonal ale calendar with a plenty of choice for our beer enthusiasts.

Many of our pubs also have their own house ale too. It’s something they’re very proud of, and completely unique to that pub too.