Brakspear Oxford Gold

Brakspear Oxford Gold - 4.0%

Oxford Gold has a citrusy flavour with a fresh and zesty fruity finish. This pale ale has a gold, glittery glisten with crystal malts to enhance the body of the beer. The fresh aroma is contributed by a selective blend of Fuggles, Goldings and Styrian hops. Oxford Gold is the perfect accompaniment for fish, chicken and salad dishes.

Cyclops Tasting Notes:
Cyclops Tasting Notes for Brakspear Oxford Gold
Other details:

Oxford Gold is now brewed at the Wychwood Brewery in Witney, West Oxfordshire. Much of the original brewing equipment from the Henley brewery was moved to the brewery in Witney. Oxford Gold is brewed to deliver the quintessential taste of Oxfordshire using Victorian copper fermentation vessels from the original Henley brewery.

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