Brakspear Gravity

Brakspear Gravity - 3.4%

Brewed in Oxfordshire, using the famous Henley ‘ double-drop ’ fermentation system in Victorian copper fermentation vessels from the orignal Henley brewery. This amber ale has a crystal malt and a well hopped bitterness in taste, which transforms into a bitter-sweet and fruity finish with a good fruit, hop and malt nose. A superb session beer which is ideal with foods such as fine English cheeses, Ploughman's, and fish and chips.

Cyclops Tasting Notes:
Cyclops Tasting Notes for Brakspear Gravity
Other details:

The brewing of Brakspear Bitter (as it was known bakc then) was moved to the Wychwood brewery (owned by Marstons PLC) in Witney, West Oxfordshire. After a major refurbishment at the Wychwood brewery, much of the original brewing equipment from the Henley brewery was moved to the brewery in Witney. To this day Brakspear Bitter is still brewed using the famous Henley ‘Double-Drop’ fermentation system in six original, handcrafted copper fermenting vessels.

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